The late Roscoe Churchill expressing his opinion of FMC's 'reclaimed' mine site.

Water Pollution at Flambeau Mine Site Prompts WRPC to Pursue Legal Action against Flambeau Mining Company and Wisconsin DNR (June 2009)

1. Press Release

2. Mine Schematic and Pollution Graphs

3. Background Information on Flambeau Mine

4. Official Correspondence

Notice Letter sent by WRPC to Kennecott's Flambeau Mining Company and Wisconsin DNR on June 16, 2009

Response to WRPC Notice Letter issued by Kennecott's Flambeau Mining Company on July 15, 2009

Response to WRPC Notice Letter issued by Wisconsin DNR 

5. Scientific Reports that Form the Basis of WRPC's Complaint

6. Contact Information:

6. Recent Developments in the case

WRPC filed a "Notice of Intent to File Citizen Suit under Wis. Stat. 293.89(1)(b)" with the Wisconsin DNR and Flambeau Mining Company on June 18, 2009. The defendants have 30 days to respond. If WRPC deems the response unacceptable, a citizen suit will be filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Madison, Wisconsin.

7. News Coverage of the Lawsuit

8. Donate to the cause.  

The Wisconsin Resources Protection Council operates on a small budget and without paid staff of any kind. Our entire budget comes from membership contributions; we do not receive grants of any kind.  You can be certain that every dollar you send will go directly to further our legal expenses and our public education efforts about the effects of large-scale metallic sulfide mining in the Lake Superior region. WRPC is a non-profit but not tax exempt, environmental organization. Donations are not tax-deductible. Please make out your checks to WRPC and send them to: Box 263, Tomahawk, WI  54487. Thank you.